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Our Research and Development (R&D) is not just Product Design and Development (PD&D) although we are leading in PD&D for decades. Our research is basically divided into 3 areas: technology trends, research projects, digital marketing and distribution. It broadens our knowledge base which differentiates us from many Chinese manufacturers. It is our valuable asset which makes us capable to work with different customers and partners. We work with startup companies and also well growth companies for their products. Form alliances or partnership schemes to market and distribute their products. We are consumer product and plastic technology experts. Focus on consumer products. The PD&D services include:

  • Product concept and consultation

  • Product design - look and feel

  • Engineering design and consultations

  • Prototype making

  • Mold and tool building

  • Engineering samples and evaluations

  • Laboratory testing and consultations

  • Management and plan for regulation changes

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We have our in-house mold shop and 10 injection machines, range from 100 - 1000 tons. The manufacture services include:

  • Plastic injection molding

  • Electroplating on plastic - Chrome, Gold, ORB, etc. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

  • Laser etching and marking

  • Heat transfer (printing)

  • Silkscreen and Tampo printing

  • Simple manual assembly

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Spin welding

  • High frequency welding



This is our new division. We recognized many Western brands cannot well introduced in Asia or in Chinese areas. It might be partially because of the understanding to the market. We found the cultural difference is also a key driving factor. For example, product customization plays an important role - look and feel, taste, features, price point, packaging, etc. We focus on health and green products (non food) for new generations. We are not just traders. We will assess the product quality andpotential in the market. Make market research. Locate market competitors. Customize the products or even make new products to enhance the product competitiveness for Asia market. Select proper distribution channels. Make logistic flow effectively and cost efficiently. Last but not least, customize advertisement and promotion plan. Build the brand image. Work with brand owners as a partner, to promote and distribute their products in Asia.

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