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Wego is a small and medium enterprise (SME) in Hong Kong. The factory is located in Guangzhou, China. Have a in-house mold shop, 10 injection machines, range from 100 tons to 1000 tons, mainly for part manufacturing and simple assemblies. We had produced lots of molds, millions of plastic parts and electroplating plastic parts. Fulfilled the latest regulations like ROHS, FDA, NSF and California Proposition 65. Simple assembly work and small metal parts sourcing are also provided as add-on services. We make continuous research to the latest trend. Besides of plastic technologies like injection molding, 3D printing, Laser cutting & etching, plastic welding, electroplating, we make research on filtration for potable water, shower use water and aquarium water. Research is more than technologies. We make research on latest digital marketing and product distribution.

Business Meeting

We work with customers to design, develop and manufacture their own products. Develop long term relationship with customers. We highly respect intellectual properties. It is our strategy not to own any in-house products or brands. This is to avoid competition with customers. Instead, we work with some customers to distribute their brands in Asia. We are proud to get customer loyalties and trust. We provide 3 main services:

Marketing and distribution is our latest business expansion. We have good channels in Asia. With the help of digital marketing, we directly advertise, promote and distribute products in Chinese areas. We can read and write in Chinese. Understand Chinese culture and what they need. It is a definite advantage to Western brands who would like to enter the Asian market. We are highly flexible, open to new customers and all possible business relationships. Working with us is hassle free. Our philosophy is to win-win. Stand on both sides to get things done nicely. Hong Kong is an international city. We have good culture here. Understand customer needs. Our candor, honesty, problem solving skill and outstanding performance win customer loyalty. Develop friendship and even partnership with customers. Please feel free to contact us. You are always welcome.

  • Research and Development

  • Mass manufacturing

  • Marketing and distribution

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